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Lead Capture Landing Page

Automated Remarketing Campaigns

Proven Automated Email Follow Up

High Converting Tour Page

Lead Capture Landing Page

A well-designed Lead Capture page has one job.  Collect information from the visitor so that we can follow up with education on why they should do business with us.

Lead Capture is VITAL because most people do NOT make a buying decision on their first visit.

Our lead capture page is tailored and tested for your market.

You can be confident in generating and driving traffic to your lead capture page, knowing that a high percentage of people will convert.

Lead Capture Landing Page vs Sending Traffic to Corporate Replicated Site

When you send your prospects to their corporate provided replicated website, you have no way of collecting leads.

No Leads = No Follow Up

Advanced Re-Targeting Campaigns Built-In

Fact: Most people do not convert into a lead or buy on their first visit

Why? Distractions,  Not ready, or in a bad mood

Maybe they don’t see the value in engaging in your site yet.


How do you deal with this?

Remarketing (aka retargeting) – Funnel by leadsit.es automatically triggers remarketing campaigns for visitors to your website.  These campaigns display ads to your visitors as they browse popular sites on the internet.

These ads have one purpose – Bring the visitor back to convert to a lead or complete their purchase.

leadsit.es creates and funds these campaigns for every single one of your visitors.

Automated, Behavioral-Based Email Follow-Up

Automated, behavioral-based email follow-up is a proven way to convert leads into buyers.

We provide an already proven follow-up sequence tailored to your business.

When your visitors enter their information on your landing page we begin sending them an automated sequence of emails.

Those that engage with the emails are treated differently than those who ignore the emails.

Those that engage with your leadsit.es funnel are also tagged and sent different messages based on their behavior.

Each email is designed to educate and move your prospect to take action by enrolling into your opportunity.


High Converting Tour Page

Your Prospect is immediately showed the tour page after they enter their email on the lead capture page.

This page is designed to push your lead to making a decision to do business with you and the company you represent.

We present this page immediately because some leads decide to buy right away.

This tour page is designed to convert in every way.

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Cancel anytime, No questions asked!

We make cancelling easy via email, chat, or inside your customer area


Do I use my own Domain like myname.com ?
Yes, you can use your own domain name and it is HIGHLY recommended.

Otherwise your web address will be www.leadsit.es/your-user-name